Composite/Ceramic Body Armor

Choosing the right body armor is an important, potentially life-saving decision that involves matching the protection to the types of threats to be encountered. Smith Defense makes the selection process simple.

About Smith Defense Composite/Ceramic Body Armor

All body armor, including ceramic body armor, carries NIJ-threat level ratings indicating their stopping capability. NIJ’s threat levels are

  • IIA: Stops handgun calibers up to 9 mm and .40 S&W, but not rifle­­ fire
  • II: Handgun rounds up to .357 Magnum; no protection against rifles
  • IIIA: Handgun ammo up to .44 Magnum; won’t stop rifle fire
  • III: Stops all handgun rounds and rifle fire up to 7.62 FMJ
  • IV: Stops all handgun calibers and rifle fire up to .30 caliber steel core AP rounds

Although not an official NIJ rating, independent tests show III+ level armor exceeds level III stopping power, but is less than level IV.

Composite/Ceramic Body Armor Plates Benefits

Ceramic plates are molded and often come in ergonomic shapes for increased comfort. While slightly lighter than steel body armor, ceramic plates stop armor-piercing rounds—and unlike steel plates, there’s no danger of spalling injuries.

What Are the Different Cuts for Ceramic/Composite Body Armor?

We offer ceramic body armor for sale in shooters cut and SAPI cut. Both have a cordura finishing and come in the following sizes:



Premium Armor Finishing 


Small = 8.75" x 11.75

Medium = 9.50" x 12.50"

Large = 10.25" x 13.25"

Extra Large = 11.00" x 14.00"

Cordura Wrapped

Shooters Cut 

Small = 8.00" x 10.00"

Medium = 10.00" x 12.00"

Large = 11.00" x 14.00"

Cordura Wrapped 


We also offer composite/ceramic body armor packages for those who need a plate carrier.

Who Uses Composite/Ceramic Body Armor?

Ceramic armor (placed in plate carriers) are used by the military, law enforcement and first responders. Civilian users include private investigators, security personnel, home defenders, preppers and other civilians seeking top-tier protection.

Smith Defense Carries the Best Ceramic Body Armor for Sale

We purchase our body armor made from the best materials, and we stand behind what we sell. For more information on our body armor types or tactical gear, our customer service staff is available to help.

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