Medical Kits

A properly stocked medical kit is an essential part of your personal tactical system. Being prepared includes having emergency medical supplies on hand whenever they might be needed.

What Is a Medical Kit?

A medical kit contains an assortment of various first aid supplies and equipment. The medical kit’s contents vary based on the user’s risk profile and the types of injuries that are likely to be encountered. For example, a trauma individual first aid kit (IFAK) can include a tourniquet, a seal for sucking chest wounds, pressure dressings and EMT shears.

IFAKs can be securely strapped to your thigh or carried in an easily accessible pouch attached to a plate carrier or tactical belt.

Medical Kit Benefits

Carrying a readily accessible IFAK containing the right items for emergency use before medical assistance arrives can make a major impact in one’s recovery. There’s also the boost in self-confidence that comes with knowing you’re prepared for emergency medical situations.

Who Uses Medical Kits?

Medical kits are carried by anyone whose activities put them at risk of being seriously injured. This includes military personnel, law enforcement, first responders, special operators, DEA agents and others. Civilian users include home defenders, firing range workers and preppers, as well as campers, hikers and hunters.

Choose Smith Defense for Your Medical Kits

We offer basic, intermediate and advanced molle-based medical trauma kits that hold all the items needed for treating bleeding, stabbing and gunshot wounds, with enough room to add your choice of miscellaneous supplies and equipment. Our medical kit bag components are top quality, and we buy only from reputable suppliers. Smith Defense guarantees satisfaction on everything we sell, and orders over $375 ship free. Contact us today for more information on our IFAK kits, plate carriers, tactical gear or accessories.

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