Plate Carriers

Smith Defense Systems is the perfect source for top-quality plate carriers that will help you hold the body armor plates that will help get you “there and back” safely.

What Is a Plate Carrier?

Plate carriers are vests that hold ballistic-resistant inserts for protection against injuries from small arms fire and other projectiles. Some tactical plate carriers, including our Shellback and Banshee models, are molle compatible to conveniently hold spare magazines, holsters and other equipment. We carry top brands like Condor and High Speed Gear alongside other covert plate carrier vests.

Plate Carrier Vest Benefits

Plate carrier vests used alone won’t prevent the wearer from being injured. Protection comes from the body armor plates they hold. Most plate carriers can also hold various pieces of tactical gear. All Smith Defense Systems’ armor plate carriers are designed to be practical, comfortable and allow maximum mobility.

What Different Cuts Will These Plate Carriers Hold?

Our selection includes vests for both ceramic/composite and steel body armor in the following cuts:




Small = 8.75" x 11.75"

Medium = 9.50" x 12.50"

Large = 10.25" x 13.25"

Extra Large = 11" x 14"

Shooters Cut 

Small = 8" x 10"

Medium = 10.00" x 12"

Large = 11" x 14"


If you’re in the market for body armor, consider our Steel Core Body Armor or Composite/Ceramic Body Armor packages, which include a plate carrier vest and armor plates.

Who Uses Armor Plate Carriers?

Armor plate carriers are used by law enforcement, firefighters, military members, first responders, SWAT teams and security guards to carry the body armor that will get them “there and back” safely. Civilians purchase plate carriers for home defense, target shooting and tactical training.

Choose Smith Defense for the Best Plate Carriers

We know some departments and agencies require body armor to be worn for extended periods, which is why our carriers are breathable, adjustable and comfortable. We stand behind our products, all of which are designed by armor industry experts and are constructed from the highest-quality materials. For more information, contact our knowledgeable customer service team.

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