Tactical Accessories

A complete protective system includes having the right body armor accessories. Tactical vest accessories will personalize your protection based on your working environment and any potential threats you’re likely to encounter.

What Are Tactical Accessories?

Tactical body armor accessories refer to a broad range of gear to prepare you for the conditions you’ll be working in and types of situations you’ll most likely face. Tactical accessories cover everything from plate carriers and backpacks to patches and name tags. Other items include magazine holders, holsters, tactical belts, survival gear, hydration pouches and first aid kits.

What Are the Benefits of Tactical Accessories?

Having the right equipment at hand and easily accessible under stressful conditions is crucial toward getting you “there and back” safely. Knowing you have the right accessories will also boost your confidence level when confronted with dangerous or risky situations.

Who Uses Tactical Vest Accessories?

Tactical vest accessories are used by anyone who needs to be prepared for unexpected adverse events. Often attached to tactical molle pouches, tactical accessories are used by the military, law enforcement agencies, SWAT teams, firefighters, first responders and others who are likely to encounter danger in the course of their work. Tactical accessories are also used by civilians, including security guards, survivalists, home defenders, hunters & campers and preppers.

Choose Smith Defense for Your Tactical Body Armor Accessories

We sell only the finest tactical body armor accessories. Smith Defense buys only from top-rated, reputable suppliers like Condor Outdoor. There’s no shipping charge for orders over $375, and we stand behind everything we sell, which guarantees your satisfaction. For more information on any of our tactical accessories, tactical gear, steel core body armor or composite/ceramic body armor, our knowledgeable customer service team is happy to help.

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