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The S365 modular grip, expertly carved from billet aluminum, showcases our dedication to excellence and innovation in the firearms industry.

The S365 is designed for adaptability, seamlessly fitting various P365 models such as the P365X, P365XL, and the exclusive P365L. Its lightweight yet sturdy build, at around 4 ounces, aims to improve your handgun's balance and recoil response, promoting greater control and precision.

Our focus on customization is evident, offering standard and long interchangeable grips and dust covers with a universal 1913 Picatinny rail, ready to equip a wide array of tactical attachments. Personalization is further enhanced with custom grip panel options, ensuring a grip that is distinctly yours.

The S365's compatibility with the Sig P365 FCU and its straightforward installation process make it a standout choice for SIG owners looking to upgrade their P365 grip without the hassle. This grip module is the perfect fusion of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and user-focused customization for the SIG Sauer P365.

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