Warranty Information

Smith Defense stands by their products to ensure you are 100% protected. With that, we provide a 5 year warranty from the date of purchase on any manufacturing defects on your steel core plates. Directly referring to; polyurea/polyurethane coating delaminating from steel plate due to application process, parts of material(chucks, dents, etc.) missing exposing steel plate to weathering, and or bubbling of polyurea/polyurethane coating due to humidity climate temperatures. In order for Smith Defense Systems, LLC to honor a warranty is to ensure your label on the body side of the plate is still visible with the manufacture date, lot number, and model number. We have the right to refuse the product if the label isn't on the ballistic plate. It is important that we are supplied this information as it helps us as the manufacture pinpoint the specific batch where this defect was established. If you have any questions regarding our warranty please feel free to reach out to our customer service team to explain in-depth and answer all your questions.