Smith Defense Systems 3.5lb Trigger Connector

Smith Defense Systems 3.5lb Trigger Connector
Smith Defense Systems 3.5lb Trigger Connector
Smith Defense Systems 3.5lb Trigger Connector
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Introducing our 3.5lb Connector – A fast, easy, and simple performance upgrade to your Glock pattern pistol like the GST-9. Installing in less than a minute, this connector provides a smooth, slightly lighter trigger pull with a crisp clean “glass” break that remains reliable and safe.

Elevate your shooting experience with the SDS Connector. Whether you're a competitive shooter looking to dominate the competition, law enforcement professionals looking to improve your capability, or a responsible gun owner looking to enhance your every day carry, this premium upgrade will take you to the next level. Available in 3, 5, and 10 packs so get one for every one of your guns.


  • Improved Trigger Pull: The SDS Connector is deburred to remove all sharp edges to deliver an incredibly smooth and consistent trigger pull and then polished to minimize friction and reduce the gritty sensation often associated with factory connectors. This enhanced trigger feel promotes better shot-to-shot consistency and allows more control to be maintained each shot even during rapid-fire sequences.

  • Reduced Trigger Reset: Experience faster follow-up shots with the SDS connector. 

  • Dependable Reliability: Rest assured the SDS connector is bent with all the correct angles for a consistent and reliable reset every trigger pull without any tinkering, giving you the confidence you need in critical moments.

  • Effortless Installation: Upgrading your gun has never been simpler. The SDS Connector is a drop-in replacement that does not require any fitting and is compatible with all double-stack Glocks and Glock clones as long as they are not “slimline” models. No gunsmithing required so you can enjoy the benefits within minutes.

  • Durable Construction: Stamped from stainless spring steel, the SDS connector is built to withstand not just the rigors of regular use, but can even survive a continuous salt water bath environment. Count on its durability to support your shooting endeavors for years to come.

  • Made in the USA