Smith Defense Systems - G19 - Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA)

Smith Defense Systems - G19 - Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA)
Smith Defense Systems - G19 - Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA)
Smith Defense Systems - G19 - Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA)
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Introducing our all new G19 Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA). 

This performance assembly is a complete drop-in unit that’s guaranteed to last longer and provide a smoother cycling action than any plastic counterpart. 

The tunable design makes adjusting recoil spring weights fast, simple, and easy so shooters can fine-tune their GST-9 or G19 setups to precisely handle a particular cartridge load or be calibrated to accommodate muzzle accessories such as a compensator or suppressor.

It comes fully assembled and complete with a stainless steel guide rod and ISMI™ spring already captured by a custom Torx screw fastened with (blue) Loctite™ for your convenience. 

The solid one-piece stainless steel guide rod is precision CNC machined for superior strength and rigidity. It will not flex or bend. It is then black nitride coated for extreme corrosion resistance and glass-like smoothness to enhance performance and durability for increased reliability.

The premium flat wire ISMI™ recoil spring is wound from certified chrome silicon material then heat treated, shot peened, and stress relieved for maximum service life. 



  • Stainless Steel Construction - The forward-biased extra weight of the stainless steel guide rod better counters muzzle flip/rise when firing allowing easier front sight tracking and faster target re-acquisition

  • Captive Drop-in Fit - No gunsmithing required for installation and no wrangling with the spring during cleaning. The guide rod and spring stay together as a single assembly. 

  • Tuneable - Accepts popular ISMI flat wire chrome silicon recoil springs ranging from 15 to 22 pounds. Ships from the factory with a 18# spring installed. 

  • User Serviceable - A cross hole provides a secondary spring capture point for a 3/32” punch or standard Glock tool and the ⅜” flats at the end allow for clamping or wrenching when working on the RSA