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When it’s necessary to wear body armor for extended periods of time, comfort is second only to protection. Flexibility, weight and stopping power are important when buying plates. Level IIIA body armor offers a combination of all three.

What Is Composite Level 3A Body Armor?

Flexible and lightweight, level 3a plates are made from high performance polyethylene (HPPE), Kevlar, aramid or other synthetic fibers. With the right plate carrier, it’s thin enough to be worn beneath clothing. Because it’s flexible and highly concealable, level IIIa soft body armor is great for covert operations or undercover work.

What Is Level IIIA Protection?

Level 3A Soft Armor | Level IIIA Soft Armor consists of a kevlar-based material. These plates are made to stop up to a .44mag and a .357sig. When purchasing Level 3A Soft Body Armor, it is good to understand it is only "bullet-resistant.”

Level IIIA Hard Armor | Level IIIA Hard Armor typically consists of a tensylon-type material layered together then pressed together with heat to create a hard armor plate. A Level IIIA Hard Armor Plate is bullet-resistant and spike/stab resistant. These plates are capable of stopping up to a .44mag and a .357sig. Also, because of the nature of the material that makes the plate hard, they are also stab/spike-resistant.

What Are the Different Cuts for Level IIIA Composite Body Armor?

As with all Smith Defense ballistic plates, our level IIIa soft body armor is coated with cordura finishing. They’re available in SAPI and shooters cuts in the following sizes:



Premium Armor Finishing


Small = 8.75" x 11.75

Medium = 9.50" x 12.50"

Large = 10.25" x 13.25"

Extra Large = 11.00" x 14.00"

Cordura Wrapped 

Shooters Cut 

Small = 8.00" x 10.00"

Medium = 10.00" x 12.00"

Large = 11.00" x 14.00"

Cordura Wrapped 


We also offer level IIIa composite body armor packages, which include plates and a plate carrier.

Who Uses Level IIIA Composite Body Armor?

Level 3a soft armor is carried by law enforcement personnel, the military, SWAT teams, DEA and undercover operators. It’s also frequently used in civilian life by security guards, preppers, home defenders and target shooters.

Choose Smith Defense Level IIIA Composite Body Armor

All level 3a body armor for sale from Smith Defense is made from top quality materials, and is purchased from top-tier manufacturers based in the USA to ensure you get “there and back” safely from whatever you face. Shipping is free for orders over $375. Contact our customer service representatives to learn more about our level 3a body armor or other armor plates and tactical gear.

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