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Magazine pouches are often found on plate carriers and tactical vests, and are an integral part of your tactical gear arsenal that helps you get "there and back" safely.

What Are Magazine Pouches?

A magazine pouch is a small polymer or fabric container roughly the size of a firearm magazine. They hold and provide quick access to spare small arms ammunition and are usually attached to a tactical plate carrier or duty belt. Smith Defense Systems offers magazine pouches, such as Condor Outdoor’s Double Kangaroo Mag Pouch and High Speed Gear’s Pistol Taco Pouch and LEO Taco Pouch.

What Are the Differences Between a Magazine Pouch and a Taco Magazine Pouch?

A magazine pouch is a basic spare ammunition holder. A taco magazine pouch garners its name from how it envelops the magazine like a taco shell. Because of its unique design, a taco mag pouch will hold practically any size magazine. A taco-molle magazine pouch is a taco magazine pouch that attaches to molle webbing on tactical vests or backpacks.

Who Uses Magazine Pouches?

Magazine pouches are used by anyone who needs to carry spare ammunition that’s quickly and easily accessible under stressful or dangerous conditions. This includes law enforcement, first responders, military personnel and civilian security guards, preppers and contractors.

Why Do I Need Spare Magazines?

Having magazine spares so you don’t run out of ammunition isn’t the only reason you need to carry spares. Malfunctioning magazines can cause semiautomatic handguns to jam. If you have a spare, such as High Speed Gear’s Duty Rifle Taco U-Mount or Condor Outdoor’s Double Pistol Mag Pouch attached to your tactical vest, all you need to do is clear the jam, remove the magazine, grab a spare and slide it in.

Choose Smith Defense for Your Tactical Magazine Pouches

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