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Whether you are military, law enforcement, a first responder or a civilian who requires top-tier protection, Smith Defense takes your threat protection seriously with its high-quality level III+ composite body armor.

What Is Level III+ Body Armor?

Level III body armor is the most popular body armor on the market, offering flexibility, comfort and maneuverability. Level III+ armor increases your overall protection by adding in high-velocity rifle threat protection without adding unnecessary weight, bulk or overall cost.

What Is Level III+ Protection?

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is the certification authority for all body armor in the United States. While level III+ isn’t recognized as an NIJ certification, Smith Defense is committed to providing reliable products that customers can trust by offering only premium-quality level 3+ armor plates that are independently tested to guarantee that they meet and exceed our high standards for excellence. Smith Defense level III+ body armor provides superior level 3+ protection against common threats, including all handgun rounds and 7.62 x 51 and 5.56 x 45 armor-piercing rounds.

Benefits of Level 3+ Armor Plates

The lightweight design of our level III+ body armor is perfect for situations that require heightened protection, mobility and maneuverability. Our level III+ armor plates meet or exceed level III ballistic standards per NIJ 0101.06. These plates are Special Rifle Threats validated and, stab-resistant.

For a complete configured level III+ armor system, try our composite body armor packages.

What Are the Different Cuts & Coatings for Level III+ Composite Body Armor?

Smith Defense is dedicated to providing superior comfort and high-quality level III+ armor for all your threat protection needs with our various level 3+ body armor cuts, including our Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) cut and shooters cut.



Premium Armor Finishing 


Small = 8.75" x 11.75

Medium = 9.50" x 12.50"

Large = 10.25" x 13.25"

X Large = 11.00" x 14.00"

Cordura Wrapped 

Shooters Cut 

Small = 8.00" x 10.00"

Medium = 10.00" x 12.00"

Large = 11.00" x 14.00"

Cordura Wrapped

Who Uses Level III+ Body Armor?

Smith Defense is proud to service the body armor needs of elite professionals, such as first responders, law enforcement and military members, who may need protection from higher velocity ammunition to ensure they get “there and back” safely. We’re delighted to also offer the same grade of quality to civilians who require top-tier protection, such as during hunting excursions.

Choose Smith Defense Level 3+ Body Armor

Developed by top-tier engineers and using only the highest quality materials, Smith Defense level 3+ body armor plates and hard body armor provides maximum durability, protection and comfort. For complete threat protection readiness, you can enhance your body armor with any tactical gear, plate carriers and accessories.

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